RapidRide R Line

Welcome to the RapidRide R Line online open house!

Metro is working to bring better, more reliable bus service to the Downtown Seattle, Chinatown-International District, Little Saigon, Mount Baker, Columbia City, Hillman City, and Rainier Beach. RapidRide R Line will upgrade and replace Route 7 when it launches in late 2024.  

What is RapidRide?  

RapidRide is more than just a big red bus. RapidRide R Line will provide frequent, reliable service that will make it easier for people to travel into and around the Rainier Valley. 

RapidRide is easy—just show up and go.

  • Buses will get you where you need to go, when you need to get there. 
  • Bus service is frequent and on-time, reducing door-to-door travel times.  
  • More buses run in both directions all day, at night, and on weekends. 
  • Improved sidewalks and street crossings to make it easier and safer to walk, roll, and bike to bus stations. 

RapidRide is Metro’s highest level of investment in service, amenities, speed and reliability, and innovation.

  • We’re building improvements to ensure the bus moves quickly and on-time.  
  • RapidRide is energy-efficient and means fewer cars on the roads. 

RapidRide is comfortable and convenient.

  • Stations are bright and open so people can see and be seen.  
  • Upgraded amenities include improved lighting, real-time bus arrival signs, and faster boarding using any door.  

You can learn more about RapidRide on King County Metro’s RapidRide website 

Why is RapidRide coming to the Rainier Valley?  

We bring our best service to the communities who need it most and engage community members in decision-making along the way. RapidRide connects communities and is a key part of our growing regional transit network.  

Route 7 is one of our busiest bus lines, serving over 11,000 people every day. 

As more people move to the region, we need to make it easier to get around. We know the community highly values Route 7 and uses it to access essential servicesbut we see areas for improvement. Buses frequently bunch together and are not reliable for getting to and from work, school, grocery stores, medical appointments, and more. RapidRide R Line will bring riders improvements to service quality, safety, and access. 

Through this online open house, you can

  • Learn about the upcoming RapidRide R Line.
  • See the proposed route and station locations Metro identified using what we heard from the community.